Information for Current Tenants

Trash and Recycle: 

What are recyclables?

Paper – newspaper, magazines, books, and big boxes
Plastics – PET bottle, plastic bottle (shampoo, detergent, and etc.)
Others – cans (soda and beer), glass bottle (soju, beer, wine) and etc.

Plastic food container, chicken boxes, any container with food in it, small paper boxes, wrappers, plastic bags, paper cover, and Styrofoam are not recyclables and you will need to put them into authorized trash bags and placed them at the far edge of our parking lot. 

Cans, bottles, and recyclables should be free of liquid or food or any debris. 

If you are not sure, PLEASE ASK! 

Please buy plastic shopping bags at E-Mart or Jinro Mart (20L -- 350 Won) that can be used as trash bags later. 20 pack of 10L  should cost around W2,000. Also, 5L, 10L, 20L, 50L, and 100L plastic garbage bags . If you are not using an authorized bag for the trash, the trash company will not pick up the garbage.  The District Office picks up garbage and recyclables on weeknights around 6 pm and trash is not picked up  Saturdays and Sundays. 

Packages and Mail

There have been many inquiries with regard to packages being delivered. Basically, we want to try to help you guys out as much as possible. However, please do not assume that we are always on site so that we can take your deliveries all the time. We are trying to provide you an apartment at affordable price and the cost of hiring someone to stay in the building all the time is prohibitive. Please ask delivery person to leave your package at your door. Or you can ask employees at GS 25 downstairs for a favor and ask them to accept packages for you.   

There are basically two types of package delivery: One by Taekbae companies (Delivery Service companies) and the other by Post office. 

When packages are delivered by the post office, the postman typically leaves a note that there was attempted delivery or leaves packages at your door because the postman knows the front door passcode. 

When packages are delivered by Taekbae companies, most likely they will have your phone number. Please schedule the delivery when you are most likely to be at home as they talk to you about when you want packages to be delivered. If you do not have phone or you will not be available (i.e. out of the country or important meetings or classes), tell them (leave message when you order) to deliver at another date or to leave your packages at your door.  

Also, mail should be in the red mailbox provided in the first floor and you should pick them up from there. All unclaimed mail will be discarded after a month or so. Therefore please check.

In case of Electricity Down
There should be this plastic case on the wall between Type A and B apartments and Type C and Type D apartments

All switches should be in the same direction like this



In this building, heating is managed by each floor daily. If it is forecast to be cold, we put extra heat during the day before evening time. Just let us know whether you feel still cold (in most cases you will feel warm) through the e-mail. 

The bathroom drain

When there is a clog in the drain, it is more likely that hair and some objects are blocking the drain. When we rent out the apartment, drain is usually cleaned out. So Please try to solve this yourself before calling or e-mailing us. 


There is special solution in case of white limestone build up. 




Picture in the right is the translation. I usually told you to set at standard when you move in. However, it takes a darn long if you set at standard due to the way that it is set up. So, I suggest to set your cycle at “RAPID” or “RAPID 30 minutes” for your regular wash. Also, put water temperature at “ROOM TEMPERATURE” to make this washing process not too long. If your laundry is heavily soiled, then you should use “STANDARD.” If you have LG washers, please refer to the first picture.  

If you have Klasse Washer, translations are roughly similar, in this picture, the setting is at Rapid cycle. If the light is on the left center, it  is at standard cycle.

The below is translation:

Guest Parking: 

While your guests are welcomed to park their cars, can you make sure that bikes can get through cars parked. Many of our tenants are using bike as an important transportation mode and they should be able to get through the car.. so please ask your guest with cars to post their phone numbers inside windshield to be visible from outside so that someone can call when the car is blocking our entryway. 

How to Change Passcode for your electronic lock: 

Although it looks straight forward, people tend to forget once you have done this when you move in. First, you want to open the door first. Then, you will need to take the cover off of electronic lock inside. Then you will find the small pin type button somewhere. Once you push this, close the door and put 4 to 6 digits and then * button. Then, please wait for beeps and doors will be locked. Then, put in your own passcode to open your door. It is simple, but many people forget. Changing the passcode is important check-in and check-out procedure.

How to change access code

Front Door Electronic Lock: 

In Korea, a key is rarely is used if ever. Almost more than 90% of homes in the Seoul area should have electronic door lock and the front door also has the electronic door lock.

Every apartment is wired with Internet, and there is a router in every apartment. The left outlet is the Internet outlet. 

This router should be connected to the outlet through the cable. .